Support a girl in school!

Purchase monthly hygiene supplies for a vulnerable girl through a subscription. At this same time you are also supporting a woman to be liberated with employment. The pad company at New Light India is called

"MUKTI" - Freedom and Liberation!

Number of Girls
Supplied with Pads per month
Perspective on what
your support means
$12.00 USD 1 Provide Monthly Supplies for 1 girl and women's employment
$24.00 2 Provide Monthly Supplies for 2 girls in need and a women's employment
$48.00 4 Provide Monthly Supplies for 4 girls in need and a women's employment
$96.00 8 Provides Monthly Supplies for 8 girls and support employment for vulnerable women
$100.00 general support Support the needs of vulnerable women and girls
$250.00 geveral program support Invaluable life changing opportunities supporting the greatest need and potential